Five myths about stuttering


1. Myth: People who stutter are not smart.

Reality: The links between stuttering and intelligence there. However, it is a violation of speech and as a consequence of the inability to express their thoughts and opinions is the cause of this error.


2. Myth: Nervousness main cause of stuttering.

Reality: Nervousness does not cause of stuttering, but may be the consequence of, or influence, one way or another on a speech impairment, but only as a short-term phenomenon. People who stutter are subject to the same emotions as those who do not have problems in speech. They have no anxiety, no excessive anxiety and no mental instability disorders. Stuttered absolutely similar people like and do not zaikayuschiesya.My should not assume that people who stutter tend to be nervous, fearful, anxious, or tightness. They have the same full range of personality traits as those who do not stutter.


3. Myth: Stuttering can be "infected" by copying stuttering or listening to his speech.

Reality: It's impossible. No one knows the exact cause of stuttering, but recent studies show that even in families where many relatives who stutter, there are those who do not stutter, because not all susceptible to it at the genetic level and in terms of psychological and physical development. If stuttering could be infected, then there would be a family where stutter without exception.

4. Myth: The words "take a deep breath before you speak" or "think about what you want to say" - help stutterers.

Reality: This advice only makes a person more self-conscious, reminding him of his stuttering problem and aggravating. More good advice: patiently listen to the interlocutor.

5. Myth: Stress causes stuttering.

Reality: There is no catastrophe, calamity or sorrow can not lead to human stuttering is not susceptible to this type of disorder. However, during stressful situations aggravate stuttering, but they affect the condition and health of the whole organism, it is simply to stress the impact of speech easiest to notice.