How to talk to a person who stutters


Very often stammering is aggravated not only by the stuttering, but also because of how it relates to the environment. In particular, this effect are children and adolescents.

1. Do not stutterers comments like: "Speak slowly", "take a breath" or "relax". Such advice humiliate and bring no benefit, since the concentrated attention not on the sense of the spoken, not to correct speech, but on the process of stuttering.

2. Make it clear to stutter that you listen to what he says, not how he does it.

3. Maintain natural eye contact and wait patiently until the other person has finished his sentence.

4. You may be tempted to finish the sentence for him, hold back, do not do it.

5. Be aware that those who stutter usually difficult to control his speech and by phone. Please be patient in a situation where you pick up, you will not hear anything, make sure that you are calling a person who stutters, before hanging up.

6. Talk with stammering in a leisurely manner, but not so slow to sound unnatural.

7. Do not make concessions to work or study for those who stutter. They are the same as the rest. They do not have a disability, mental retardation, they have only a problem in a speech.

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