Types (forms) of stuttering: neurosis, neurotic

Specialists (. Speech therapists, neurologists, etc.) divided stuttering into two main categories: neurosis and neurotic. Why this division? First of all, it gives us an idea of the structure of violations and a method of treatment of stuttering. To make it easier to deal with this, it is necessary to find out the basic definitions of these forms of stuttering, highlighting their characteristics and differences.


080216-1423.jpgNeurosis type of stuttering

In this form of speech deviation occurs under the influence of external factors. For example, toxicology mother during pregnancy, difficult birth, asphyxia, and so on. D. That is, a person is born with any violation of brain activity. This does not mean that he has a physical or mental disabilities. A person can be otherwise completely healthy. But the same applies here, and people with more pronounced effects of trauma.

Stuttering in this form occurs suddenly, for no apparent reason. The child begins to experience difficulty in speech, in conjunction with its emergence, t. E. At the age of 3-4 years. Together with this speech impaired breathing. Since adolescence hesitation and delay are accompanied by spasms of the facial muscles.

The neurotic type of stuttering

Speech problems begin after the traumatic situation. The beginning of stuttering may also serve as an early introduction to a second language speech. A child can not handle it, what word confused the language to pronounce.

Most people suffering from this form of cured themselves without any effort. Then I say stuttered as a child, but then everything went. However, there are still a number of factors influenced the correction of speech.. Improve the psychological climate, growing and gaining confidence, etc. That is traumatic factors have been removed from the life of the child was able to go through your own stress, and therefore had a stable psyche.

Rarely, but still there are cases when this form of stuttering persists for a longer period of life. It only shows human vulnerability, his mental instability, perhaps laziness and unwillingness to work on him. In this form, you can get rid of stuttering in a few days.

How to treat a form of neurosis stuttering

Depending on the complexity and the general state of a person can be recommended:

  •      Self-employment. (If there are no other speech and mental abnormalities. At least bring a visible improvement of speech and self-confidence).
  •      Classes in the speech for correction centers. (If you work on an own hard or too lazy).
  •      In specialized centers, where brain damage more severe.


zhelezniy-chelovek_98280445_orig_.jpgAnother form of stuttering: glossophobia

As you can see from the end (-phobe) - it is rather a psychological problem, the fear of speaking. In most cases, it is formed under the existing speech impairments. That is, there have stuttering. Others, often children, glossophobia emerges as the fear of speech in general. This is the case with over-shy people and have psychological deviation, traumatized. Such people are afraid to "open his mouth", to answer the question, first talk to a stranger. Later it causes hesitation, delay in speech, which are formed in the habit of stuttering.

Man afraid to speak first, and then feels that stumbles and begins to worry even more. That is, to the fear of speech (just say) is added to the fear that it is a bad thing to say. Also, these people are very dependent on a third-party opinion, led, do not like attention. Here there needs to be a comprehensive work and the first place is not a speech therapist and a psychologist.


Types of stuttering in the form of seizures

080216-1425.jpgWe have reviewed the clinical picture of stuttering, and now let's look at another classification - in the form of cramps:

  •      Clonic stuttering - small, successive seizures, make people say the same sound several times.
  •      Tonic stuttering - in fact spasm, causing a delay of speech, stutters difficult to start talking, it makes involuntary pause in a sentence.
  •      Mixed form - there are clonic and tonic convulsions.


Cope with excessive muscle tension, what form would any help singing and articulation exercises.