How to treat stuttering in adults


Stuttering treatment in the adult occurs consciously, accompanied by a desire to get rid of this defect. The stronger the desire, the greater the chance for a speedy formation of right speech.

Get rid of stuttering can be a number of ways:
1. Referring to a speech therapist,
2. Catching up on their own.

Basic rules for the treatment of stuttering in adults:

1. Follow one of the selected method,

2. Do not allow interruptions in the classroom,

3. Engage in as much and often as possible,

4. Work on the result.

Unlike a child, adult stuttering is accompanied by a large number of psychological complexes. Very often disturbed communication skills, there is a phobia of speech. Therefore, any program for the correction of speech should contain:

  • Speech therapy exercises
  • Breathing exercises,
  • Training in personal development.

Features of behavior in the treatment of stuttering in adults

290216-1252.jpgOur lives are in varying degrees, there was no reason to change its natural course. After reading one of the sites of the Council to take a vacation at the time of treatment of stuttering, it is not recommend to use it.

In this case, the return to work will be for you a real stress. Installed right speech that is not entrenched in the society, it will be exposed to new challenges.

There is a separate category of stutterers who speak wonderful family and absolutely can not communicate with the outside world.

Stuttering Treatment should be held during the normal course of life, in the morning before work, in the evening after a lecture on weekends. Moreover, the improvement of speech has the ability to fix your usual practice situations.

Gradual correction of speech for many others will not notice, no one would accentuate attention, and at one point, and you, and your surroundings will notice that stuttering does not become.

Common problems faced by adults in the treatment of stuttering

1. Regularly engaged for several days, but no result.
In no case do not throw activity, do not allow interruptions. Improvements are always there, maybe they are not as big as you want, because less noticeable.

2. Alone with a talking fine, but when trying to talk on the street begin to stutter.
This is a purely psychological problem, which is much more difficult to overcome than to get rid of stuttering.

  • The first thing that you can advise people to respond as quickly as possible, do not give time to connect your fear.

  • Second, more attention udilyayte breathing exercises. Natural breath before speaking and pronunciation of words in the exhalation should be fixed. Pauses should be absent.

  • Third, if you have strong complexes visit trainings on personal development, read the relevant literature (preferably aloud).

3. What should I do if the stuttering returned? No stress was not but notice a speech impairment. Immediately return to the exercises, perhaps it was not fixed in the subconscious mind and over time, not uprooted habit of stuttering start to come back. You as a smoker with experience, who gave up - delayed long-awaited cigarette. Take action, but not to inflate it into a problem, do not let the appearance of old fears. If stuttering returns, so once you have already been treated for it, and quite successfully. Consequently, the way you fix known and controlled!

And stress can be?

It does not have to find something out of the ordinary. Normal depression, discomfort and dissatisfaction with hoarding for years, can also provoke a speech impairment. Take a vacation, take a trip to the sea, the city, fishing, distant relatives ... a change of scenery!

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